Centurylink Internet Service Agreement

CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement: What You Need to Know

When it comes to choosing an internet service provider, it`s important to read the fine print. The CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of their internet service, including pricing, data usage, and equipment requirements. In this article, we`ll break down what you need to know about the CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement.

Pricing and Fees

The CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement outlines the pricing for their internet services, including monthly internet access charges, equipment fees, and any early termination fees. It`s important to read this section carefully to understand what you`ll be charged and when. CenturyLink also reserves the right to change their pricing and fees at any time, so it`s important to keep an eye on your bills for any changes.

Data Usage

One important aspect of the CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement is their data usage policy. Depending on your plan, CenturyLink may impose a data usage cap. If you exceed this cap, you may incur additional charges or your internet speed may be slowed down. It`s important to understand your data usage habits and choose a plan accordingly.

Equipment Requirements

CenturyLink requires customers to use their equipment, including modems and routers, to access their internet service. The Internet Service Agreement outlines the type of equipment required, as well as any fees associated with leasing or purchasing equipment. It`s important to understand these requirements to avoid any potential equipment compatibility issues.

Term and Termination

The CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement outlines the term of your service, as well as any early termination fees. If you cancel your service before the end of the term, you may be charged a fee. It`s important to understand this section of the agreement if you anticipate needing to cancel your service early.


Reading the CenturyLink Internet Service Agreement is an important step in choosing an internet service provider. By understanding the pricing, data usage policy, equipment requirements, and term and termination fees, you can make an informed decision about whether CenturyLink is the right provider for you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don`t hesitate to contact CenturyLink customer support for assistance.